Generally, potential beneficiaries submit proposals remaining within the boundaries of HELP NEPAL Network.

HeNN-Nepal then screens the proposals and directly contacts the potential beneficiaries to discuss the proposal in detail.

The selected proposals are  forwarded to one or more of the HeNN chapters to arrange the required funds.

If proposals are submitted to a HeNN chapter other than Nepal, they will be forwarded to HeNN-Nepal for usual screening before decisions are made.

Proposals that lack local participation will have little chance of success.

HeNN-Nepal is responsible to coordinate, monitor and ensure the successful complation of the projects that the Network undertakes.

To ensure that every penny donated goes to projects, the Network has established a separate Endowment Fund (know as Trust Fund in Nepal) with the help of generous Nepali donors to bear the administrative expenses.

The individual chapters are responsible to keep their contributors updated about the the Network’s activities. However, the Network also produces periodic Newsletters and the Network’s website, is updated from time to time.