The largest charitable network of Nepalis, HELP NEPAL Network: One Dollar a Month Fund for Nepal is a global charity run on a fully voluntary basis.

The running cost of its Kathmandu-based three-member office and other administrative expenses are borne by a separate Endowment Fund (known as a Trust Fund in Nepal) set up by the Network with the help of generous Nepali donors living in various parts of the world. This fund allows the Network to spend every single penny donated directly on the projects it undertakes. All executive committee members and coordinators working in the many different chapters are volunteers.

The aim of the Network is to encourage Nepalis and those who love Nepal around the world to provide assistance in the fields of health, education and disaster relief support in rural Nepal. We envision a society where every relatively able individual contributes a small portion of their earnings for the benefit of those who genuinely need support. We have called this ‘Practical Philanthropy’, an approach which will not hamper an individual’s normal life but which will benefit disadvantaged communities.

The launch of HELP NEPAL Network (HeNN) was an attempt to demonstrate how the collective efforts of Nepalis and others interested in the country’s wellbeing could make a difference in the lives of many in a country like Nepal. It was also a reaction to the fact that, whilst being in a much more privileged position compared to that of most fellow citizens in Nepal, only a few Nepalis living abroad were doing something to help the country of their birth. In contrast, many non-Nepalese were engaged in philanthropic activities in Nepal and virtually all Non-Governmental Organisations in the country were being financed by foreign donors. In such a situation we thought that it would be appropriate to encourage the large and resourceful pool of expatriate Nepalis, as well as those living in Nepal, to contribute to Nepal as much as they could. Hence, Nepalis are at the centre of the Network’s activities, though we warmly welcome any help and donations from other communities.

The first two chapters of the Network were established in the UK and Nepal simultaneously in late 1999 and since then the Network has expanded to a dozen countries. Now the chapters in Australia, the USA, the UK, Nepal and Sweden are each registered either as a charity or as a non profit-making organization as appropriate. HELP NEPAL teams or representatives are also active in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Qatar. The organisation is in the process of expanding its network to other countries, provided that those interested abide by the HeNN guidelines.

HELP NEPAL Network Nepal, based in Kathmandu, co-ordinates and supervises the Network’s activities and projects in Nepal. It consists of a small group of dedicated volunteers without whose sincerity and dedication the Network would not have achieved what it has today. HeNN Nepal also works towards promoting a culture of giving within Nepal. For example, the HeNN teams abroad encourage Nepalis to “have a can of beer or a carton of juice less in a month and donate the savings to the fund” and HeNN Nepal encourages Nepalis at home to “have a plate of momo or a few cups of tea less in a month and donate the savings to the fund.” We believe that society in particular and the world in general would be a much better place if every individual were to have a cultivated sense of charity.

If you are interested in helping in any way, please do get in touch with  us. HELP NEPAL Network welcomes your encouragement and support.

Read about the Birth of HeNN and the Founding Team.


To promote the idea of ‘practical philanthropy’ among Nepalis living in and outside of Nepal.


Encourage Nepalis and those who love Nepal around the world to donate at least ‘one dollar a month’ to the Network by sacrificing a can of beer or a cartoon of juice in a month.