Generally, potential beneficiaries submit proposals remaining within the boundaries of HELP NEPAL Network. HeNN-Nepal then screens the proposals and directly contacts the potential beneficiaries to discuss the proposal in detail.

Selected proposals are forwarded to one or more HeNN chapters to arrange the required funds. If proposals are submitted to a chapter other than Nepal, they will be forwarded to HeNN-Nepal for usual screening before decisions are made.

It should be noted that we consider proposals that benefit a community rather than an individual and proposals lacking local participation (financial commitment or in-kind support) have little possibility of being accepted. Please go through the summary of our projects to get an idea of the kind of projects we support. Proposals with bigger financial commitment will have to state in detail about other sources of funding.

However, submission of the proposal itself will not be enough as the potential recipient of HeNN donation should be in direct contact with HeNN-Nepal for further discussion prior to the approval of the project.

 If you have any proposals that align with our goals please download the project application (by clicking here) and submit the application online( or you can send it to the following address:

SBI Bank Building, 3rd Floor
Boudhanath Sadak
Chuchchepati, Chabahil
Kathmandu-7, Nepal