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If you would like to give some of your time to help in either health or education in Nepal, we encourage you to contact with us. We will help to put you in touch with schools and health centres that could utilise your help. We, however, expect volunteers to meet their own costs of travel and accommodation.

Below are examples of what previous volunteers have achieved both for themselves and for Nepal. They initially made contact via our website and were given more information about possible projects in Nepal. Once they had settled into Kathmandu, they met the HELP NEPAL team based in Kathmandu and learnt more about the different projects that they could attend to.

Safety issue

It was always the choice of the volunteers where they wished to go and for what length of time. We regard your safety as very important but we leave the ultimate decision to you as to what you want to do and where you wish to go.

Xesus Armesto – Volunteer from Spain

He visited Nepal in January 2004. He helped with teaching computing skills in Buddanilkanth Ashram School on the outskirts of Kathmandu. He personally contributed to the installation of doors and windows in the school. After seeing the conditions the children had to put up with at the school, he set up a website to help raise funds to improve things.

See Xesus’s own website about the School in Spanish. http://www.armesto.org/ashram

Ignacio Tello – volunteer from Guatemala

He visited Nepal in February 2004. Travelled to the remote parts of Mugu in west Nepal and oversaw construction of a health post funded by HeNN. He found the trip exceptionally good and has provided further details for other prospective volunteers. If you wish to contact him please contact HeNN and we will put you in touch.

Comments from Ignacio:  ” my best days I hardly could imagine”

“I enjoyed my time in the village (it was a very short time), just observing what they were doing in a normal day. If someone asks me what can they do there, I probably would say that the best thing is that you can learn a natural way of living with the people. But if you have some skills in any manual job, like carpentry (take your tools), cooking, agriculture, music (take your instruments), etc, it would be very useful for the people.”

Further Information

Please feel free to send us any comments or ideas you have about volunteering in Nepal. If you want more details about the above projects or want to help please contact us at admin@helpnepal.net.