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HeNN wins US$ 100,000 in Global Contest

The HELP NEPAL Network (HeNN) secured a second place in the fortnight-long Chase Community Giving Contest and won US $100,000 following an outpouring of support from Nepalis and well wishers all over the world.

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EMF-UK Donates $9,500 Again to Mugu Health Post

The Everest Marathon Fund (EMF) in the UK has again donated US$ 9,500 to support the operational cost of HELP NEPAL Health Post in remote Mugu district.

The EMF (http://www.everestmarathon.org.uk/) has been supporting the health post in Mugu for several years. Since 2006, it has contributed £ 18,000 (around US$ 28,500) which includes the latest donation.

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Nepalis in Korea Raise Rs 1m in 2 Hrs for HeNN

The fund-raising event held on August 5 in South Korean capital Seoul turned out to be a very successful one.

There were over 200 people who had come by taking time out of their busy schedule just to hear about the HeNN’s philanthropic activities and donate what they can.

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Runners Raise Rs 5 Lakhs for Mugu Health Post

17 June 2012: Four UK-based Nepali professionals successfully ran the prestigious Edinburgh Marathon last month to raise half a million rupees to support a health post in remote Nepal.

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Running Edinburgh marathon for Mugu Health Post

A group of four young Nepali professionals from Nepalese Himalayan Association Scotland are running EDINBURGH MARATHON on Sunday, 27th May 2012 in support of Mugu Health post established and operated by Help Nepal Network. Rajendra, Vibhu, Pradeep and Nabin have been taking part in various running events and have widely travelled to different part of Scotland for the sake of running.

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Tarai Clothes Distribution Completed Successfully

Over twenty-thousand pieces of clothes including blankets, shawls, caps and mufflers were distributed to cold-affected population of Tarai region by the HELP NEPAL Network (HNN) – the largest philanthropic network of Nepalis leaving in different parts of the world.

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