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As HELP NEPAL Network has a policy of not using the charitable donations for any administrative purposes, it has set up a separate Administrative Endowment Fund (know as Trust Fund in Nepal) with the help of generous Nepali donors listed below. We take the support by people of such a diverse background as a proof of goodwill and trust towards our work.

The interest generated by the Endowment Fund, amounting to just over Rs 1,75,00,000 helps us to staff and run our small office in Kathmandu and bear other administrative expenses. 

The Donors

1. Siddhartha Rana (Nepal) US$ 130,000 (NRs 10 million)
Mr Rana is a young and dynamic industrialist based in Kathmandu. Chiarman of Tara Management Company and Bhotekoshi Power Company, Mr Rana is involved with several business enterprises and strongly believes in the “prosperous future” of Nepal. He made the donatin in the beginning of 2010.

2. Dr Rudra Pandey (USA) US$ 4,000
The Chief Technology Officer of D2Hawkeye, a software company, is one of the most successful young Nepali entrepreneurs in the US. Mr Pandey and his company has been a long-standing supporter of HeNN

3. Mr Mahanta Shrestha (England) US$ 3,500 (£ 2,000)
Mr Shrestha, a well-know social worker and an enthusiastic supporter of HeNN, is one of the most successful Nepali businessmen in the UK

4. Alison McGrath (England) US$9,000
Ms McGrath is is based in London. Impressed by HeNN’s commitment and dedication, she has been a generous supporter of HeNN.

5. Mr Swarnim Wagle (Sri Lanka) US$4,000
Hailing from a village in Gurkha district, Mr Wagle, 31, graduated from London School of Economics and Harvard. Currently he is Trade Policy and Program Specialist at the UNDP Regional Centre in Colombo.

6. Mr Manoj Basnyat (Bangladesh) US$4,000

Mr Basnyat has worked extensively in the field of development. Prior to starting the UN career, he had worked in remote districts of Nepal like Rolpa, Rukum, Salyan, Pyuthan and Dang. Currently he the UNDP Country Director in Bangladesh. He is one of UN's senior-most Nepali professionals.

7. Bhandari Brothers Ltd. (England) US$ 3,500 (£ 2,000)
A group of young entrepreneurs, Bhandari Brothers (Kamal Bhandari, Shankar Bhandari, Pashupati Bhandari, Yadav Bhandari) have been a long-standing supporter of HeNN. They also help different social activities of the Nepalese communities in the UK

8. Mr Chiranjibi Dhakal (England) US$ 3,500 (£ 2,000)
A restaurateur and a well-know priest, Mr Dhakal is an active member of the Non-Resident Nepali International Coordination Council and an enthusiastic promoter of HeNN.

9. Mrs. Sarika Mishra (England) US$ 3,500 (£ 2,000)
A homemaker with two kids, Mrs Mishra is doing Masters in Communities, Organisations and Social Change at the City University in London and has a keen interest in charitable activities.

10. Dr Upendra Mahato (Russia) US$4,000
Dr Mahato is a highly successful multinational entrepreneur. He is the President of Russia Nepal Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Chairperson of International Coordination Committee of Non-Resident Nepalis. He has contributed hugely towards charitable causes in Nepal.

11. Mr Jibanath Lamichhane (Russia) US$4,000
Mr Lamichhane is a multinational entrepreneur. He is the Vice-President of Russia Nepal Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Director of Russia-based Technotrust Co. Ltd. and Nepal-based Kantipur Engineering College, Molnia Power Pvt. Ltd. and Medicare National Hospital. He is involved in several charitable causes in Nepal.

12. Mr Uddhab Bhattarai (Scotland) US$ 3,500 (£ 2,000)
Hailing from eastern district of Jhapa, an Engineer by education, Mr Bhattarai is probably the most successful Nepali entrepreneur in Scotland. Living in a small town of Arbroath, he has expanded his business from a restaurant to a fast food to a hung department store. In memory of his grandfather, he has also established a Trust Fund, which supports various social causes in his home town.

13. Mr Anil Thapa (Iceland) US$ 3,500 (£ 2,000)
Anil is an executive member of HeNN UK. He raised nearly US $1,500 in 2003 by running London 10K Marathon for HeNN. He was the first person to run Marathon for HeNN and subsequently ran two more marathons raising more funds. Anil comes from a modest background, completed his Masters from London South Bank University and now works as a System Engineer in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. He says he has contributed not because he has money, but because he has a deep faith in what HeNN does.

14. Dr Sundar Mani Dixit (Nepal) US$8,000
Dr Dixit is Nepal's one of the most respected medical doctors. Apart from his profession, he also runs his own charitable trust. He worked for nearly 25 years in Nepal's oldest (Bir) hospital in Kathmandu as a Physician without pay or perks - probably the only instance of its kind in the country. When he served as a Director at the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in south-eastern Nepal, he distributed his monthly salary amongst the lowest-ranking members of staff. Lately, he has been a leading member of Nepal's civil society and played an active role in the People's Movement-2.

15. Chandra Yonzon (Australia) US$4,000
Mr Yonzon is one of the most successful Nepali entrepreneurs in Australia. He owns a chain of restaurants and has expanded his business in other areas as well. He is closely involved with several Nepali organisations and community activities. He is a founding member of Nepali Association of Victoria and the Vice-President of Non-Resident Nepali Association - Australia.

16. Birendra Bahadur Basnet (Nepal) US$ 3,500 (Rs 2,50,000)
Mr Basnet is the Founder and Managing Director of Buddha Air, Nepal's leading private airlines. He is involved in various philanthropic activities, which range from donating buses and ambulances to helping the victims of 2006 people's uprising in Nepal. In 2007, he decided to spend NRs 2 from each ticket sold from his airlines in philanthropic causes. That is expected to come to around 8,000,000 rupees a year.

17. Mr Purnaman Singh Basnyat (Nepal) US$ 3,500 (Rs 2,50,000)
Seventy-six-year old Mr Basnyat was born into a well off family in Indrachowk, Kathmandu. He graduated in English literature at a time when there were only a few graduates in Nepal. With his educational and family background he could have gone into high-profile professions but he chose the hard path of social work. He travelled to the then remote Dhulikhel town in Kavre district, where he lived and worked as a teacher in Sanjivani High School until he retired in 1992. He is a life member of the Blind Welfare Association and Nepal Red Cross Society and is involved in several other charities.

18. Mr Subin Baral (Australia) US$4,000
Subin did his Bachelors, Masters and Chartered Accountancy from various respected Australian Institutions, including the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia. He now works as a Senior Manager with Ernst & Young, a multinational audit firm in the US. Subin says his humble upbringing and the experiences during his student years inspired him to make this donation. He strongly believes that one does not have to be wealthy to bring about positive changes in society.

19. Ms Shraddha Tandan (UK) US$4,000
Shraddha is a young lady with high entrepreneurial motivation. She has worked with private colleges in London for over seven years and has travelled widely in South Asia. She studied Business Administration from Middlesex University in London and is pursuing an MA in Human Resource Management from the same University. She says she has donated to Help Nepal Admin Fund in the hope that more Nepalese women would follow suit.

20. Mr Badri Prasad Pandey (Qatar) US$4,000
As the Managing Director of Al-Fajer International Trading & Contracting Company in Doha, Mr Pandey is one of the very few highly successful Nepali businessmen in the Middle East. He studied Civil Engineering and worked as an Engineer in various capacities in Qatar before starting his own construction company in 2004. He has been living in Qatar since 1993 and has helped several charitable activities both in Qatar and Nepal.

21. Dr Pranab Gyawali (UK) US$ 3,500 (£ 2,000)
Founding member of HELP NEPAL Network (HeNN) and currently the President of HeNN-UK, Pranab is referred to as "a doctor with a difference" among his HeNN colleagues in the UK. He studied in Darjeeling from the age of four and then went to the UK for further studies. However, his passion to do something good for Nepal has been exemplary. Despite his exhaustive full-time job as a Consultant at a hospital in East London, Pranab has consistently remained the backbone of HeNN right from its inception and has been an inspiration to many Nepalis.

22. Rabindra Mishra (England) US$4,000
The Founder President of HELP NEPAL Network and the Head of the BBC Nepali Service, Rabindra, made a donation to celebrate his and his family's permanent return to Nepal after living in London for 15 years. Now, based in Kathmandu, he intends to spend as much time as as possible for HELP NEPAL Network in an effort to promote philanthropy in Nepal through the help of Nepali individuals and institutions.

23. Shambhu Dahal (Nepal) US$ 6,600 (Rs 5,00,000)
Shambhu Dhahal made this donation specifically to set up the new office (for partition, painting, furnishing etc). Dahal is the Chief Executive Officer of Sipradi Trading Ltd., the distributor of TATA vehicles and accessories in Nepal. Born in a remote district of Sankhuwasabha, Shambhu went to school only at the age of 13. He went to India to study Chartered Accountancy in 1982 and spent 10 years there, also working in an Auditing Firm. He joined Soaltee Hotel as the Internal Audit Manger in 1992 before moving to Sipradi in 1996. He lives a modest life and has contributed to various charitable causes in the past. He thanks his wife for sharing his thoughts on charitable initiatives.

From 2000 To September 2010

From 2000 up until 2003 all the administrative costs of the charity were borne by the Network’s Executive Committee members. However, as the projects grew in size and number it became increasingly difficult to manage with volunteers alone.

The Network therefore decided to establish a two-member office in Kathmandu from January 2004 to help with project coordination, implementation and monitoring. It also decided NOT to use the funds donated to the charity to run the office but instead, looked for sponsors who could help with the administration costs.

A couple of generous businessmen, including the President of the Non-resident Nepali's International Coordination Committee, Dr Upendra Mahato, came forward to help us and donated approximately US$4,500 to pay the salary of two members of staff for 2004, 05 and 06. Similarly, a Nepali businessman in Britain, Ashok Shrestha, donated $1,000 to equip the office.

Impressed by what the Network had achieved, the UNDP commissioned a project to HeNN. Along with the project, we started receiving funds for administrative purposes as well. We used that money to mange the office for nearly three years in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Thanks to Mr Rana's 10 million rupee's donation in 2010, which ended our ordeal to run the office.