Nepali youths running 2014 Brighton Marathon to support school in Bajura

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Grade 5 students, Shree Parbati Secondary School, Bajura
Grade 1 students in hut due to the lack of classrooms

A group of five Nepali youths are running 2014 Brighton Marathon on 6th April 2014 in support of Shree Parbati Secondary School, Chatara VDC, Bajura.  The fund raised by Priya Paudyal, Rajendra Regmi, Prajaya Shukla, Bandhu Paudyal and Vibhu Paudyal will be used to build  3 new classrooms to run grade 4 and 5 and early childhood class.

Bajura is one of remote district of Nepal with the adult literacy rate just below 28%.  The district lack basic infrastructures like roads, proper schools and hospitals. 81% population depends on agriculture for their livelihoods and majority of population lives below the poverty line (income less than 1 $ a day). Many children’s from poor, marginalized and dalits (lower caste) have never been introduced to formal education. Basic infrastructure including a shortage of classrooms is considered one of the many barriers to school enrolment. The dedication from group like this and generous support from us will help build classroom for small children’s who otherwise have to take class under a hut.

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Shree Parbati Secondary School
Shree Parbati Secondary School
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