Progress Report from May 2002 to October 2002

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Dear Member,

Since we wrote to you in May, increased membership means that the fund now receives over £300 each month. Fund-raisers held during the period allow us to also report that, in the 3 years since inception, HELP Nepal Network (HeNN) has now raised over £20,000.

Khotang Landslide Victims Support Campaign - As you are aware, the charity fund supports health and education projects, but is open to disaster relief efforts. In July, due to the severe monsoon in Nepal, a major landslide in Khotang District resulted in almost 100 deaths also sweeping away some 250 houses. The fund's executive committee quickly agreed to donate funds to the Khotang Landslide Victim Support Committee and their aid efforts. With the kind co-operation of Yeti Nepali Association (UK), HeNN collected donations from attendees at Yeti's annual football tournament held in Greenford, Middlesex on July 28 - just under £600 was collected on the day. HeNN-Australia and HeNN-New Zealand also mobilised raising £250, and the fund added £350 so as to match the amount from the fund-raising event. The sum of £1,200 donated purchased medicine, food, clothing and bedding supplies for families affected.

School Construction, Simpani Subedi Village, Lamjung District - Although the security situation in Nepal continues to hinder our efforts, the fund is considering donating £2,000 towards this project. Of the total £7,000 budget, £3,000 is to also be received from the Annapurna Conservation Area Project. The successful completion of works will result in an important secondary school for the area.

HELP NEPAL International Day 2002 - Our annual social function succeeded in raising its profile this year through other fund-raisers in Nepal, Australia and Italy raising over £2,000 in total. In the UK, the fund's social event held in Camden, London on 2 June was attended by 120 guests and sponsored by Primus Telecommunications, UK - our thanks go to Mr Shashank Kansal at Primus for the arrangement. In Kathmandu, HELP Nepal Network - Nepal's cultural function was attended by over 300. HeNN-Australia's social function in Victoria also further raised awareness as did the gathering of Nepalese in Milan, Italy.

HeNN continues to actively promote its cause and the executive committee has embarked on a major drive among the Nepalese community in London - an initial informal contact was arranged in July in South East London with resident members, and the fund was represented at a gathering of Nepalese accountants, also in July. On 4 November, an informal Dashain gathering of HeNN members will take place in London - please contact our social secretary Julie Basnet on 07949 821211 by 15 October if you wish to attend.

Thank you for your continued membership. Please, as always, consider additional contributions and attempt to introduce new members.

Yours sincerely,

Bishwa Limbu, General Secretary

Full details of the fund's activities are also available to view on the charity's website at

Admin costs are borne by the exec committee. Please notify us of changes to your contact details so that we may keep you updated.