Progress Report from Jan 2003 to July 2003

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Dear Member,

This is our 7th semi-annual progress report since our inception in late 1999. Your charity HELP NEPAL Network (HeNN) has now raised over £22,000 and completed various works in different parts of Nepal. Full details of the fund's history, its activities and achievements, are available to view at

Since we last wrote to you in October 2002, the following have been significant.

In collaboration with Aawhan Samuha, Chabahil, on June 14 2003, HELP Nepal Network - Nepal began a 3-stage Hepatitis-B vaccination programme at a school in Kapan Village. 115 children were vaccinated in this first stage.

HeNN's donation of £600 will cover two-thirds of total costs with the rest borne by Aawhan Samuha. (Members may recall that we conducted a similar health project in 2000/01 in Pashupati, Kathmandu.)

The secondary school construction at Simpani Subedi Village, Lamjung has now commenced. (HeNN contribution £2,000)

A Charity Pop Night function held in Woolwich, London on February 23 raised £1,400 for the fund. Popular artistes Babin Pradhan, Yam Baral, Nhyoo Bajracharya, Raju Tuladhar, Sapan Rai and Situ Kharel, the support of community leaders among the Nepalese in South East London, and members and guests who attended made the evening a great success.

HELP Nepal Network - Australia, a longstanding network chapter, is now registered as a charity and continues to foster through the efforts and commitment of Dr Raju Adhikari and friends.

New projects under consideration include the construction of a health post in a remote village in Mugu, and aid for the Sahara Group in Banke which provides support to children affected by Nepal's recent violence. (As always, the charity's website, kindly revamped and managed by Rachna Kayastha, provides regular updates.)

The annual HELP Nepal Night occasion this year is to be held on Saturday 19 July. We attach an invitation for this key fund-raiser.

Members who wish to receive future progress reports by e-mail - please send an e-mail to

Members who have ceased regular contributions or whose lump sum donations have now 'lapsed' - please consider giving additional funds to the charity.

Helping the poor and needy in Nepal continues to be possible through your kindness.

Yours sincerely,

Bishwa Limbu
General Secretary, HELP NEPAL Network

All administrative costs incurred are borne by the charity's executive committee.