Progress Report from April 2001 to September 2001

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23 September, 2001

The period since our last progress note in April has seen some major tragic occurrences - the continued loss of lives during violent incidents in Nepal, the Royal Family killings in Kathmandu, the recent terrorist attacks and loss of lives in the US. It remains important that we continue to help others who are less fortunate than us.

In the 2 years since inception in September 1999, HELP NEPAL Network has raised over £12,500.

Membership & Network

Our major successes in the last 6 months have been in fund-raising events and through monetary contributions from other HELP NEPAL Network members - HeNN Belgium, HeNN Finland and HeNN Former Soviet States have all contributed funds.


- The South East London Nepalese Community gathering on 15 April, 2001 kindly donated a portion of its gate proceeds to the fund. The amount received by HeNN totaled £101. We thank Dr Durga Pandey, Mr Moti Bhandari and the Community for this gesture.

- As part of our indirect efforts, an interaction programme entitled "How Nepalese Abroad Can Help Nepal ?" was organised on 30 April, 2001. An intelligent debate and the promotion of our cause were primary achievements, although £82 was also generated.

Representatives from Yeti, Himalayan Yeti and Nepal Support Society were the main speakers. Notably, the floor discussion highlighted the acute need for co-operation among various UK organisations.

Our second interaction programme, to be held on 6 October, 2001, will therefore attempt to address this. We enclose invitations for this event, the proceeds from which will go towards the construction of Yeti House.

- The HeNN Night of 28 May, 2001 was a big success. Over 125 guests attended this social function and a net profit of £900 was realised for the fund. The committee proposes to make this dinner and dance occasion an annual event over the May Bank Holiday weekend.

Projects - Update and New Undertakings

Our last two projects were the Hepatitis B vaccination of 125 schoolchildren from Sharda Primary School, Pashupati, Kathmandu conducted through late-2000 and early-2001, and the construction of a classroom for Sarswati Primary School, Bijayanagar, Pyuthan. The latter in particular was again a major success in terms of local participation - two buildings were additionally renovated and the total cost of works is estimated at £2,650 versus HeNN's contribution of £1,200. Works were also completed speedily within a period of 4 months by May 2001! HeNN is contributing a further small sum of £200 to Sarswati Primary School for the purchase of furniture, storage wardrobes etc.(Photographs and details of these and earlier works are available on our website,

We have recently approved the following undertaking with funds handed over in Kathmandu at a function held on 22 September.

Durga Bhawani Primary School, Lalmatiya, Dang

The school initially approached us in early 2001 with a request for funds to set up a maintenance trust. We had rejected the particular proposal but had been impressed with the school committee and were keen to help in other ways. The school had also begun the construction of a school building but work had ceased when funds ran out. The school again approached us in May. To complete the work, the fund will provide £1,500 towards costs with the balance to be raised by the school locally.

Chepang Community, Chitwan

As members are aware, in May 2000, HeNN part-funded the cost of a health visit by the Public Health Concern Trust (PHECT) to primary schools in Syamrang, Wasbang and Bagumtar villages. In a follow-up visit earlier this year, PHECT's Dr Sharad Onta discovered a 60% reinfestation of stomach worms among the treated schoolchildren.

The temporary relief provided by the health visit had been a minor success, and a longer term solution was regularly discussed by the executive committee in its monthly meetings. We have now approved funds for a major PHECT project in the area.

HeNN will provide £2,500 of the estimated £4,000 expenditure on the provision of clean drinking water and sanitary toilet facilities. The chief task will be the construction of latrines in 250 households. Education regarding the safeguarding of drinking water supply sources, personal hygiene etc will also be provided. PHECT have completed their planning and will begin work after Dashain.

Charity Trust Application

From a recent communication received from the Charities Commissioner for England & Wales, we believe HELP NEPAL Network will be granted a Charity Trust status within the next three weeks. We intend to increase our fund-raising efforts on achieving this recognition.

We hope all members are satisfied with HeNN's progress to date. Please also consider making additional donations so that we may all continue to help others.

Yours sincerely,

Bishwa Limbu

General Secretary

All administrative costs are borne by the executive committee.