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Editors Note:

Dear All,

We are really happy to be able to reach you all with the latest edition of the Help Nepal Network bulletin. It provides us an excellent opportunity to inform you about the activities being carried out in Nepal and remind all of us that how your continued support and encouragement has helped bring about changes in various ways.

In a decade's time HeNN has completed over 70 projects in the fields of education and health in rural Nepal. Throughout this period, HeNN did not spend a single penny of charitable donations on administrative expenses. Our overhead costs are met by an Administrative Endowment Fund.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere appreciation and thanks to the Run for Change Nepal ( team who have been raising funds by taking part in the British 10 K Run and supporting various HeNN projects for the last four years.

Last year, the Run for Change team raised nearly 9,000 pounds to support three schools in remote Nepal, Shree Manakot Lower Secondary School, Bajura; Shree Mugu Primary School, Kerabari, Morang; and Shree Thokarpa Secondary School, Sindhupalchowk.

We look forward to your valuable comments and suggestions, as always! You may write to us at or

With best regards,
Editorial team
Help Nepal Network

» Ongoing Projects


Construction of Janata School, Bharatpur

Shree Janata Higher Secondary School was established as a community school in 1957 and later was upgraded to a higher secondary school. The school is constructing a building with the help of the funds made available by the Help Nepal Network. The School Management Committee and Village Development Committee are also supporting the project.

A third instalment of USD 1400.00 will see the final stage of the construction completed. Wall and ceiling plaster, flooring and fittings of windows and doors have been completed. Painting of the building staircase plaster and the wiring will be completed with an additional fund of USD 1400.00 donated by Dr. Upendra Mahato.

Construction of Library at Jagadamba School, Bardia

Shree Jagadamba Higher Secondary School was established in 1973 as a primary school. The school was upgraded to lower secondary and secondary level in 1983 and 1989 respectively. In 2007 it was upgraded to the higher secondary level. .

Help Nepal Network is supporting the construction of class rooms of the school. A third instalment of donation of USD 1400/- will see the completion of the construction work. The school has been fitted with concrete roofing and doors and windows. Plaster work and painting of the building will be completed with additional funds of USD 1400.00 from Dr. Upendra Mahato's personal contribution subject to the school’s commitment to the project.


Construction of Manakot School, Bajura

Shree Manakot Lower Secondary School was established in 2007 with the support of social workers, intellectuals and local community. Due to increasing number of students, the school lacks an adequate number of classrooms. The school approached HeNN requesting for funds to construct two additional rooms along with furniture.

HeNN approved the funding of USD 6338.03 in three installments. With the first instalment of USD 2112.68 provided, construction materials are bought and the work is in progress.


Construction of Thokarpa School, Sindhupalchowk

Shree Thokarpa Secondary School was established in 1971 as a primary school. The School has been upgraded to class 9 and has plans to run Grade 10 from 2011.

The School aims to construct two additional classrooms to accommodate Grade 10 students and increasing number of students joining the school. The School approached the HeNN for financial support. HeNN approved funding of USD 6338.03 in three instalments.

The first instalment of USD 2112.68, made available on 27 December 2010, saw the completion of stone walling, fittings of doors and windows, and fittings of wooden planks on the roof of the building. HeNN provided a second instalment of USD 2112.68 on 11 April, 2011 and construction work is in progress.


Construction of Mugu School, Morang

Shree Mugu Primary School was established in 1983 with the support of local villagers. The School approached HeNN for financial support to renovate the school building which was in a dilapidated condition. HeNN approved funding worth USD 4225.36 in three instalments. A concrete roof for the school was built with the first instalment. The second instalment of USD 1408.46 was handed over to the school on 27 December 2010 at the HeNN office and construction work is in progress.

Members of “Run for Change” ( took part in the British 10 K Run, have sponsored the renovation of the school.


Construction of Sarlahi health clinic, Sarlahi

The second instalment of funds, USD 4225.36 to construct a health clinic in Haripurwa, Sarlahi, has been handed over to the representatives of the clinic. The progress report of the first phase has been submitted to HeNN office. The fund was mainly used to purchase construction materials.


Saraswoti Higher Secondary School, Gulmi

HeNN provided the second instalment of USD 2142.86 to Saraswoti Higher Secondary School, Gulmi after receiving the progress report of the first phase. The first phase involved leveling of the ground, completion of RCC, pillaring, and part roofing. The construction work is expected to be completed soon.



Establishment of e-Library at Shree Jana Kalyan Higher Secondary School, Boudhha

An e-Library was set up at Shree Janakalyan Higher Secondary School, Bouddha in partnership with the UN. HeNN provided one server with 8 clients along with technical support and volunteers from the Kathmandu University (KU). The UN donated 8 client computers worth USD 3000.00 while HeNN donated one server computer.


Establishment of e-Library at Buddha Secondary School, Baglung

An e-Library has been established in Buddha Secondary School, Baglung on 6 March 2011. A team of volunteers from Kathmandu University (KU) helped to successfully deploy the e-Library at the School. HeNN contributed USD 4,880.93 for the establishment of the e-Library. Around 500 students including 14 teachers and community members are expected to benefit from the e-Library.


Five Schools benefit from collaborative initiative of HeNN, NCell and Save the Children

Improving the education sector in Nepal is a major objective of HeNN and Save the Children. Their joint initiative to support e-Libraries was bolstered by the entry of Ncell, a leading telecom service provider in Nepal. Ncell has provided USD 27,575.62 for the deployment of five e-Libraries in five districts - Baglung, Sindhupalchowk, Siraha, Nawalparasi, and Kailali. While Save the Children is coordinating the project, HeNN is the implementing partner.


Lekhani Higher Secondary School, Baglung

Lekhani Higher Secondary School is located in Lekhani VDC, Baglung. The School runs classes from 1 to 12. The number of total students is 397 (154 boys and 243 girls). Three members of Kathmandu University Open Source Community (KUOSC) deployed an e-Library on 5 March, 2011. Since power outage remains a major problem, a back-up power supply system was also installed. All the students of the School are expected to benefit from the e-Library.


Shree Janakalyan Rastriya Prathamic Vidyalaya, Nawalparasi

Shree Janakalyan Rastriya Primary School is located in Sankhadev VDC, ward no. 7, Nawalparasi district. The School has 240 students (112 boys and 128 girls). The School runs classes from 1 to 5. On 12 March, 2011, students of the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk (IOE) successfully deployed an e-Library at the School. Teachers and local community members are expected to benefit out of the project along with the students.


Shree Janata Domi Chaudhary Higher Secondary School, Siraha

Shree Janata Domi Chaudhary Higher Secondary School is located in Pokharbinda VDC, Siraha. The School runs classes from 1 to 10. Of the School’s 1,138 students, 568 are boys and 570 are girls. Members of the Kathmandu University Open Source Community (KUOSC) on 23 March, 2011 successfully deployed an e-Library at the School. A brief training was also held for teachers and students on how to run the system.


Taltuleshwori Lower Secondary School, Sindhupalchok

Taltuleshwori Lower Secondary school is located in Kotagaun VDC, ward no.2, Sindhupalchowk district. The school has 193 students-- 99 boys and 94 girls. Four team members of KUSOC successfully deployed an e-Library on 16 March, 2011. The School was connected to electricity just a few days before the deployment.


Shree Darakh Higher Secondary School

Shree Darakh Higher Secondary School is located in Harinagar VDC, Kailali. The School runs classes from 1 to 10. There are 811 students including 405 boys and 406 girls. Two members of FOSS Nepal Community successfully deployed an e-Library on 17 April, 2011. The full-fledged service will start in a few months as electricity poles are being installed in the area.


3 Computers donated to a Lamjung School

In technical collaboration with FOSS Nepal, HeNN had established an e-Library at Shree Sanskrit Sadan Secondary School, Duradanda-6, Lamjung in January 2009. Due to an increase in the number of students, the school approached HeNN for more computers. HeNN provided additional three computers worth USD 1098.17. Volunteers from FOSS Nepal successfully deployed the computers in the school.


One-day Eye Camp in Dhading

HeNN successfully completed a one-day eye camp in Dhading district on 23 April 2011. The project was accomplished jointly with B.P Koirala Lions Centre for Ophthalmic Studies (BPKLCFOS) and Nepal Nambukai Karate Sangh. A total of 350 patients attended the eye camp where 22 patients were diagnosed with cataract. They were successfully operated on at BPKLCFOS on 25 April 2011.

The eye camp was held at an estimated cost of NRs. 58373.70 (USD 816.42). BPKLCOS provided the technical/ surgical support equivalent to NRs 130,200 (USD 1820.98). Nepal Nambukai Karate Sangh managed local transport, logistics and volunteers equivalent to NRs 20,000 (USD 279.72). Medicines worth NRs 15,000 (USD 209.79) was provided free of cost by National Health Care, Omega and Lomus Pharmaceuticals companies.



HELP NEPAL Health Post, Mugu

The Help Nepal Health Post in Murma village, Mugu is running well. The health post has had a discernible and significantly positive impact on the lives of the people of Murma and surrounding villages. Common ailments like pain, fever, gastro intestinal and seasonal diseases can be treated locally. Villagers do not have to walk two and a half hours to the government hospital at Gamgadhi. There have been a significant improvement in the quality of life. Medicines at the health post typically cost half of what they cost at the government hospital located at Gamgadhi. Many residents from the surrounding villages prefer to come to the health post rather than visit the Gamgadhi Hospital.

A new staff member, Bimal Kumar Acharya, has been recruited on the recommendation of the local community and has already joined the health post from 15 June, 2011 giving a boost to the community outreach clinics.


Help Nepal Balbalika Kendra, Dhulikhel

HELP NEPAL Balbalika Kendra (HELP NEPAL Children's Shelter) is a major project of HeNN. The construction of the shelter is almost complete. The building is currently being painted. Painting on the outside of the building is completed. Compound walling and painting inside the building is in the process.



Dr Mahato provides second instalment of his donation

Founding president of the NRN Association and a long-time supporter of HeNN, Dr Upendra Mahato handed over the second instalment of his donation to HeNN, NRs 8 lakhs (approx. USD 11,135.00) on 14th June 2011. This amount will be used for two new projects:

       a) Dhanusha Sewa Samiti hospital, Dhanusha (NRs 500,000.00)
       b) Deurali Primary School, Parbat (NRs 300,000.00)

Dr Mahato donated Rs 8 lakhs to HeNN last year and has promised to donate additional Rs 10 lakhs (approx. USD 14,000.00 ) to HeNN next year. HeNN would like to express sincere gratitude and appreciation to Dr Mahato for his continuous support to HeNN activities.

HeNN Sweden raises USD 3,175.27

HeNN Sweden Chapter raised USD 3175.27 in March 2011 for Parbati Secondary School in Bajura. The funds will be used to construct the school building. Additional funds will be raised by the Run for Change team.

HeNN Qatar raises USD 323.95

HeNN Qatar chapter raised USD 323.95 in May 2011. Support from HeNN chapters is extremely crucial to keep HeNN projects going.



Donation to Benevolence Child's Welfare Organisation, Kathmandu

The Benevolence Child's Welfare Organisation has been working in the field of education, health and providing shelter for orphans, poor and conflict impacted children since its establishment. Currently the organisation is looking after 12 children including 8 boys and 4 girls. From donations it received from Sri Chinmoy Center, HeNN handed over 13 pairs of clothes and 12 pairs of socks to the organisation.

Donation to Helpless Service Nepal, Chitwan

Two boxes of clothes and other educational materials were handed over to Helpless Service Nepal on 14 March 2011. The clothes and other educational materials were donated to HeNN by Sri Chinmoy Center.

Helpless Service Nepal has been working in the field of Education and Health of Underprivileged, Conflict Impacted and Orphan children since 2005. Our support will benefit around 85 children in the organisation.

Donation of a Computer set for HeNN Office

Shekhar Dhungel, Vice President of the Nepal America Journalist Association (NAJA), donated a computer set and a printer worth nearly USD 500.00 for HeNN’s office use.

Mr. Dhungel is a writer and a founder of the 'Rural Journalism Award'. He said he heard about HeNN through news reports and website and visited the HeNN office in Kathmandu where he handed over the computer set and the printer to Arun Singh Basnet, President of HeNN Nepal.

Donation to Cloth Bank Nepal, Kathmandu

A box of clothes was handed to Cloth Bank Nepal on 23 June 2011 at HeNN office, Kathmandu. The clothes were donated to HeNN by Sri Chinmoy Center. The clothes were handed over by Mr. Ramanath Shrestha, HeNN Nepal Treasurer and e-Library coordinator to the President of the Cloth Bank Nepal.

Cloth Bank Nepal collects clothes from different source and distributes them in the rural parts of Nepal.

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