Santosh Raj Pandey runs London Marathon to support HeNN

Santosh Raj Pandey successfully completed the London Marathon in April, 2016 and has raised nearly £2,000 for HELP NEPAL Network.  He has also raised additional £3,000 for another charity Lullaby Trust. He completed the marathon in 5 hours and 32 minutes.

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HeNN donates toys to autistic children

HELP NEPAL Network (HeNN) UK chapter has donated toys, swings and other items to the Centre for Children with Autism in Kathmandu.

Elina Bajracharya Tuladhar of the organisation, Friends of Parents of Children with Autism, is running the Center with the help from her friends and well-wishers.

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Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in Aid of Earthquake Survivors

Nepali Musical Concert at the Royal Albert Hall

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Walk for Nepal, London 2014

'Walk for Nepal

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Nepali youths running 2014 Brighton Marathon to support school in Bajura

A group of five Nepali youths are running 2014 Brighton Marathon on 6th April 2014 in support of Shree Parbati Secondary School, Chatara VDC, Bajura.  The fund raised by Priya Paudyal, Rajendra Regmi, Prajaya Shukla, Bandhu Paudyal and Vibhu Paudyal w

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Over Rs 10 million raised in the UK

In a programme full of patriotic songs and dance, Nepalese living in the UK have donated over Rs 10 million to the Rs 100 million endowment fund being set up by the HELP NEPAL Network.

On 18 August, 2013, over 300 people attended the fund-raising programme organised at The Connaught School in Aldershot, UK.

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